Demo Videos

The demo videos below were created by the Magic development team and exported directly from Magic to .mp4 files, and then uploaded to YouTube. None of them have been edited or enhanced in any way, and no other applications were used. The videos are presented in chronological order (newest first).

All of the effects shown below can be rendered in real-time to respond instantly to live music — perfect for your next concert or club performance, or for just tinkering around on your computer or in your studio.

For maximum YouTube quality, be sure to configure each video to play at least in HD (720p), or Full HD (1080p) if your internet connection is fast enough.

Video demonstrating particle-like effects created with the Iterator module. The audio track is Red Desert by Spooky Jones.

Video demonstrating a MIDI Piano created with the Iterator module. The audio track is Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy.

Video demonstrating various spectrum effects. The audio track is Factory by Tron Sepia.

Video demonstrating some lo-fi/CRT effects. The audio track is Sunway by Conal Flood.

Video demonstrating promotion of an audio track with artist's name/logo area, smoothed spectrum, and customizable background. The track is Breathe by SecretweapoN.

Video demonstrating a 30-band stereo spectrum using 3D models. The audio track is Everlast by Exclusion.

Video demonstrating another stereo spectrum using 3D models. The audio track is Unity by Exclusion.

Video demonstrating an audio waveform and spectrum with multiple layered audio-reactive effects. The audio track is from the YouTube audio library.

Video demonstrating audio pitch detection. As time progresses, the notes of a live trumpet are detected and drawn in an abstract way.

Video of several effects on the waveform of an electronic beat.

Video demonstrating the use of audio input to animate a 3D model.

Video demonstrating custom frequency bands. 30 bands were used for each stereo channel. Dynamic hue adjustment was applied to each band.

Video demonstrating how an audio spectrum can be used as an alpha mask for a kaleidoscope effect.

Video demonstrating visualization of multiple simultaneous audio files. A simple electronic song of 4 tracks was composed in GarageBand, and the tracks were saved separately for importing into Magic.

Video demonstrating a GLSL fragment (pixel) shader reacting to audio via the GLSLShader module.

Video of a radial blur effect on the audio waveform.

Video demonstrating how audio volume can be linked to video playback speed. A radial blur effect was also linked to volume.

Video demonstrating several audio-reactive shaders in the GLSLShader module. These shaders were obtained from the amazing GLSL Sandbox.

Video demonstrating several fractal shaders in the GLSLShader module. (No audio.)

Our first sample video demonstrating several scenes based on the "ManyScenes.magic" sample project included with Magic. A simple electronic drum beat from GarageBand was used as the source audio.

All our videos can also be viewed on our YouTube channel.