Magic is available in two editions: Studio and Performer.

Both editions are accessed from the same installation, and both can be used for commercial purposes without any restrictions.

The main difference is that Performer unlocks extra features for VJing, as shown further below. For users who don't need VJing features, Studio still contains all the necessary functionality to create beautiful professional-quality music videos and real-time music visualizations. Studio can be upgraded to Performer at any time.

Internet requirements

One important difference between the two editions is that Performer does not require an internet connection (after initial activation), and it can be used offline indefinitely. Studio requires an internet connection at least once every 30 days to synchronize with our license management server, and it will become temporarily disabled if it can't connect.

Users without full-time internet access are strongly advised to purchase Performer.

Common features for Studio and Performer


  • Create unique, customized visuals entirely from scratch
  • Design 2D and 3D graphics that react instantly to audio
  • Mix/process/arrange multiple video files, images, and 3D models
  • Draw intricate, dynamic, colorful geometric shapes and patterns
  • Use several live audio inputs and/or several audio files simultaneously
  • Send fullscreen video output to HDTVs, projectors, and LED displays
  • Export high-quality .mp4/.mov movie files and .png image sequences

Application features

  • Lightweight, simple, clean interface (see screenshots)
  • Intuitive click-and-drag functionality
  • No programming skills required
  • Fast and responsive — optimized for real-time graphics and audio
  • Light and dark UI modes for use in different ambient lighting conditions
  • Technical support provided directly by software developers on the forums
  • Unrestricted commercial-use license

Graphics features

  • Fully hardware-accelerated via OpenGL for high-performance graphics
  • Modular graphics functionality, including a variety of powerful built-in modules:
    • Display and manipulate images in most common formats (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, etc.)
    • Play and manipulate video files in most common formats (.mp4, .avi, .mov, .wmv, etc.)
    • Play GPU-accelerated HD videos with the ultra-fast, high-quality Hap codec
    • Rotate, scale, and translate graphics in 3D space in response to audio input
    • Draw real-time audio waveforms, spectra, and a variety of geometric shapes
    • Display 3D models in many common formats, including .3ds, .obj, and more
    • Add engaging effects such as kaleidoscope, radial blur, and motion trails
    • Directly load shaders from Shadertoy and the GLSL Sandbox using the GLSLShader module
    • Use any GLSL Interactive Shader Format (ISF) files as Magic-style modules
      • Over 200 ISF effects included
  • Multi-monitor support for fullscreen graphics on one display while editing on another
    • Span two or more monitors in fullscreen mode
  • Preview scenes before sending to fullscreen mode using the Preview Window and Preview Mode
  • Export high-quality .mp4/.mov movie files (with audio) and lossless .png image sequences
    • Support for UHD/4K resolutions and beyond (dependent on hardware)

Audio features

  • Support for ultra-low-latency audio devices
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous audio inputs (dependent upon hardware)
  • Support for playback of a variety of audio file formats (.mp3, .wav, .aif, .flac, .ogg, etc.)
  • Support for playback of multiple simultaneous audio files and multichannel (>2) audio files
  • Support for ASIO audio drivers on Windows

Project features

  • Includes a variety of sample project files for getting up and running quickly
  • Support for unlimited "scenes" per project to allow visuals to change dramatically during a performance
  • Control scene changes with the unique Playlist feature:
    • Instantly select a scene using buttons or keyboard shortcuts
    • Or, automatically change scenes after customizable time periods
    • Cut, fade, or dissolve between scenes in real-time
  • Organize and group scenes with the intuitive Folder View panel
  • Access and manipulate module parameters across scenes with Global Parameters
  • Save individual scenes and folders to separate projects
  • Projects are fully compatible between Windows and OSX/macOS

Technical features

  • Optimized for the latest audio, video, and graphics features in newer operating systems
  • Multithreaded to take advantage of multi-core processors
  • Unlimited display resolution (dependent upon graphics/display hardware)
  • Support for Retina displays on Macs and high-DPI displays on PCs
  • "Start in Fullscreen" mode for automatic operation:
    • Load projects into fullscreen mode from the command line
    • Load projects into fullscreen mode when the system boots

Additional VJing features for Performer only

Performer contains all the features listed above, and also unlocks the following functionality:

  • Control nearly every parameter instantaneously with MIDI from live input or from .mid files
  • Control nearly every parameter instantaneously with live Open Sound Control (OSC) input
  • Capture live video from multiple simultaneous webcams and other capture devices (dependent upon hardware)
  • Stream live video from the internet or any other network sources
  • Load any third-party FreeFrame 1.6 (FFGL) plugins and Magic MDK modules
  • Send and receive video between applications in real-time using Spout (Windows) and Syphon (OSX/macOS)
  • Detect MIDI/OSC commands automatically using the MIDI/OSC Learn feature
  • Connect an unlimited number of simultaneous MIDI and OSC controllers (dependent upon hardware)
  • Send OSC commands to other applications/computers using the OSCSender module
  • Record live MIDI input and save to .mid files
  • Add two levels of password protection to any project
  • Use without any internet connection (after initial activation)

For more information on any of Magic's features, please see the User's Guide.