User-Contributed Videos

This page is an ongoing showcase of videos created by our amazing Magic users and submitted to us mostly via our forums.

The videos are presented below in chronological order (newest first). Some of them are full-length music videos; some are recordings of live events; some are for promotion or advertising; and some are just short experiments. A few have been edited or combined with output from other programs, but the majority have been created entirely in Magic. Together, they demonstrate the wide variety of animation and visual effects that can be achieved.

For maximum YouTube/Vimeo quality, be sure to configure each video to play at least in HD (720p), or Full HD (1080p) if your internet connection is fast enough.

For the complete collection of all videos submitted by Magic users, including tips, downloads, and other helpful information, please visit our User-Submitted Videos forum. And of course, feel free to post your own video!