License Deactivation

If you cannot access your activated copy of Magic because your computer is permanently unavailable for some reason (lost, stolen, damaged, etc.), you can deactivate your license by using the form below. You can then use your license key to activate Magic on a different computer.

Before proceeding, please note that this page is intended only for "emergency" situations and is limited to once per activation per year. Do not use the form below if you can run Magic on your computer and you can select Help > Deactivate in the main menu. Deactivating from the main menu is always the preferred method of transferring your Magic license to another computer. To learn more, please see the Magic User's Guide and the Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you have read and understood the above terms, and you wish to continue with deactivation, please enter your license key below. If you need to retrieve your license key first, please visit the Re-send License Key page.

License Key *