Upgrade Magic

If you are an existing Magic customer, you can select one of the upgrade options below.

When your purchase is completed, your upgrade will be available immediately.

Upgrade: Magic V2 Studio to V2 Performer

If you previously purchased the Magic V2 Studio edition, you can upgrade to the Performer edition for the difference in price between the two, plus a small $2 processing fee.

Performer Upgrade for 1 computer: $36.95 USD
Performer Upgrade for 2 computers: $61.95 USD

Verify Performer Upgrade Eligibility

Upgrade: Magic V2 x264 Export Option

If you previously purchased any Magic V2 edition, you can add the x264 option for the highest-quality H.264/MPEG-4 AVC movie exporting.

x264 Upgrade for 1 computer: $4.95 USD
x264 Upgrade for 2 computers: $8.95 USD

Verify x264 Upgrade Eligibility

Additional options

To upgrade a Magic license for 3 or more computers, please contact us for information and pricing.