Premium Services and Support

If you're looking for more than just purchasing a copy of Magic, we're happy to help you realize your total vision in any way we can. We provide a number of additional services that might be useful for your multimedia needs.

General consulting

Our engineers are experts in interactive multimedia technology. If you'd like extra support information regarding Magic, or any other technical aspect of your multimedia event or venue, we can give you a detailed consultation over the phone, or we can provide comprehensive written documentation to supplement your goals.

On-site support

We love to be involved in live events, and we often send teams to help our clients set up hardware and software, and to make sure that things run smoothly overall. We're based in the Los Angeles area, but we're available for some traveling.

Unique content creation

Our artists can work with you to help you get the look and feel you need in Magic, or they can design a complete end-to-end content package for you.

Complete hardware/software solutions

We will build you a new computer to your specifications, install Magic on it, and optimize it for the smoothest possible operation. Or, we can help you optimize your existing computer. We can also advise you on the best audio interfaces and large-format displays to use with Magic.

Custom software modifications and licensing

We will make any changes to Magic that you can imagine, including adding/removing features, partner branding for your product or business, or integration of features into your own application. On occasion, we have even developed new, totally unique multimedia software for our clients. The technology in Magic is applicable to a wide variety of fields beyond entertainment, such as education, advertising, psychology, neuroscience, and more.

Please contact us for further information and a price quote.