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Magic 1.54 released

Latest information from the Magic development team.
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Magic 1.54 released

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Hi everyone, I've just updated the Magic download page with version 1.54:

This version introduces several new features, including MIDI control for the Playlist previous/next buttons, and a new MIDI beat clock input source.

A few bugs were reported in the Beta version of 1.54, so the release version does contain some new fixes. Make sure you download the release version if you're still using the Beta.

Here are all the changes since 1.53:

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What's New in Version 1.54
- Added MIDI control for previous/next buttons in Playlist
- Added MIDI beat clock input for module parameters
- Added deinterlacing option for Video and VidCap modules
- Increased accuracy of custom frequency ranges
- Improved compatibility with FFGL source plugins
- Improved audio and spectrum data for GLSLShader module
- Improved compatibility with input textures for GLSLShader module
- Improved MIDI Learn behavior to ignore unsupported messages
- Added file filters for GLSLShader module
- Added option to not load default module files
- Fixed bug with 0-velocity MIDI note-on messages
- Fixed bug with modifiers resetting when using Scene modules
- Fixed bug with overriding playback sample rate on Macs
- Fixed bug with first shift-click on Playlist entry
- Fixed bug with replacing audio file with same one
- Fixed bug with 0-duration playlist entries and movie exports
- Fixed bug with connector order when pasting multiple modules
- Fixed bug with unsupported Freeframe 1.0 plugins