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Using Hydra with Magic

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Using Hydra with Magic

Post by michaeljones102938 »

Hello everyone!

I am wondering if anyone has any idea of a way to combine the use of Hydra and Magic?
I love Magic's flow and controls and am simultaneously enjoying experimenting with Hydra and thought It could be cool if there was a way to use Hydra outputs as a source in Magic.

I suppose a solution would be to run Hydra on one device while capturing and streaming it and using the Magic VideoStream module to take the feed in, but I'm not entirely sure how to implement this.

If anyone has any cool ideas about this I would love to hear them! :D
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Re: Using Hydra with Magic

Post by Sadler »

Hydra outputs to WebRTC - you might be able to ingest that. Otherwise screen capture is probably the only other way.

But if you're looking for live coding, KodeLife has Spout output. However, Magic is more capable than both Hydra or KodeLife.
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Re: Using Hydra with Magic

Post by j4s0n »

Hydra can output glsl code to the dev console...
-change .out() to .glsl() at the end of your hydra code
-- note: if your hydra patch has multiple buffers o0, o1, etc... you have to do this whole process for each buffer and then combine them into one shader with multiple passes...
-copy all hydra code to the clipboard (ctrl-a, ctrl-c)
-open dev console (f-12) "console" tab
-paste the hydra code into the console (next to ">") and press enter
-expand the little arrow next to [{...}]
-double click the "frag:" element to show the glsl code
-copy that into a new text file and save as whatever.glsl
-open that as a glsl shader in magic or get fancy and turn it into an ISF at
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