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Est Video Output Latency?

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Est Video Output Latency?

Post by Cowsgomooooooooo »


I notice when broadcasting, my visuals are the smallest bit out of sync locally, pre-broadcast on OBS.

I assume becuase the Magic software is outputting after processing the audio signal, and OBS gets the audio feed directly.

OBS has a feature to delay Audio by a certain amount of ms. Is there a suggested amount to put here to sync, or a way to sync exactly if magic could output audio as well?

Small fyi, it's not hardware limitation lagging, just something I"ve noticed.
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Re: Est Video Output Latency?

Post by Magic »

Yes, if OBS is getting the audio directly, then there may be a small delay.

If Magic is running at 60fps, then I'd suggest delaying by increments of 16ms (=1/60) until things sync up better.

My guess is that either 16ms or 33ms (2/60) would be sufficient.
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