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Where to post get in touch?

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Where to post get in touch?

Post by Enrico »

I'd like to post a question in hte forum (Tutorials section) but it says I can't post on it. No idea why.
If I write on the tech support I get the automatic message that enquiries are not accepted due to the big amount received.
Maybe this is not the right place where to ask but I feel stuck.

I'd like to ask if there's a way to make the 'Optical Flow Distort' constant. When I use it seems to displace the image for the first 10-20 seconds but then loses its effect.

Is there a place other than teh tutorials page where we users can exchanjge techniques or questions related specifically to a single component?

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Re: Where to post get in touch?

Post by Sadler »

The tutorial section is for Magic tutorials and is not really for users. I guess that is to keep it tidy and therefore easy to find quality tutorials for everyone.

General Discussion is the correct place to post questions about almost anything.

For Optical Flow Distort to work, you need some optical flow (i.e. changes in the input). My guess is that you're using an image which, when it first appears, there's movement (of a sort) from nothing to the image, but this fades over a short period of time (as you have witnessed). Pushing persistence to the max makes it last a little longer but what you want is to use video/webcam or move/distort your image around.
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