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Merging Scenes, Globals and Source Files

Suggestions for new features for Magic.
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Merging Scenes, Globals and Source Files

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Hi everyone,

when importing old projects into new ones I always have tons of issues with the auto-merging feature, as it keeps duplicating content by adding a 1 as suffix. It does that for scenes, variables and even footage once collected (Although I am not sure why and under which circumstances does it on footage).

I do update or create new iterations of old jobs quite often, so recycling content always gets messy.

From my point of view, the solution would be that rather than the software deciding what is a duplicate and needs to be merged, this decision was made by the users. This is because no matter how accurate the program ends recognising duplicates, someone else is going to decide that prefers another way. :)
  • Manually Merge Source Files - So let's say that we have updated some footage or image, or just want to replace by totally new content, with this we could do it effortlessly having it clean and tidy.
  • Manually Merge Variables - Same for variables, we may want to try a new different approach or simply fix something now that we have more knowledge and realise some errors we did in the past. With this feature, not only we would keep the Global Variables Folder under control, but also we would be able to test and experiment at speeds we didn't imagine we could.
  • Manually Merge Scenes - Same as above. Very useful if we have scene/modules and we want to update the project or mix it with another one.
Attached the variable and scenes folders for a project that has been imported into itself, hence duplicating everything that was exactly the same. The collection of this project didn't produce any duplicate on the files.

Dupe Variables.png
Dupe Variables.png (79.01 KiB) Viewed 364 times
Dupe Scenes.png
Dupe Scenes.png (57.2 KiB) Viewed 364 times
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