"Replace with Recent"

Fri Oct 30, 2020 6:58 pm

I've recently been combining several projects for an upcoming event. I've re-factored to replace commonly used blocks with scenes, whilst eliminating 32-bit FFGLs. Many block and FFGLs instances needed to be replaced, but there were only a few scenes and replacement ISFs needed. Some FFGLs needed to be replaced with scenes.

On a module's context menu it would be helpful to have "Replace with Recent" as well as "Replace with" also to temporarily include a session's Added scenes in the Recent list. Perhaps also something like "Replace group with Recent" so that a connected group of modules could be readily replaced with a single module or scene.

I appreciate that that scenes are only relevant to a specific project, and must not be saved in the Recent list.

It would be extra cool to be able to search for instances of a module by name. My old projects have many 32-bit FFGLs, but it can take ages to find all instances.
Terry Payman
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