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Magic 2.3 released

Latest information from the Magic development team.
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Magic 2.3 released

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Hi guys, I'm pleased to announce that we have a new release available, v2.3. It's been a while since our last update because the virus situation has changed our plans somewhat, but we hope you enjoy the new features/improvements below:

- New VideoFolder module. This is a really great addition to Magic because it lets you easily play an entire folder of videos sequentially. We hope it will be really helpful for a lot of you. In fact, if you already have a lot of nice VJ loops, you could use the VideoFolder module as a quick and easy solution for VJing at live events with little to no preparation.

- New OSCSender module (Performer edition only). Another great new module that lets you send OSC values out of Magic to other applications or other computers on the network. This turns Magic into a full-fledged show controller and lets you use Magic's low-latency audio and MIDI processing to create highly responsive stage lighting and any other hardware/software effects you can imagine! This should be a powerful new addition for those of you who are designing elaborate live shows.

- Playlist redesigned to use Input Sources for MIDI/OSC. Previously, the Playlist had its own MIDI/OSC configuration, which was separate from the Input Sources, and which made it a lot more tedious to configure. Now, these have been combined so that all of Magic's MIDI/OSC sources are in one place. A further benefit is that you can now use MIDI files to control the Playlist, which should open up a lot of exciting possibilities for those of you making videos with a lot of MIDI effects.

- New Reload parameter in all modules that load files. We received a lot of feedback that you guys wanted to dynamically reload files during your shows using MIDI/OSC or at regular time intervals, and now you can. The Reload parameter is just like any other parameter that can be linked, and you can configure it however you want.

- Dark UI Mode now included in Studio edition. Dark UI Mode is now available for all Magic users, due to Windows and macOS more fully supporting dark mode throughout the OS.

- Lots of other small improvements. These include better file sorting, better handling of GLSL comments, some new module parameters here and there, and fixes for some very rare activation issues and crashing issues. The full list is available in Help > Version History.

Lastly, there is one important final note. Due to growing security and privacy restrictions in macOS and Windows, Magic's 32-bit version has been dropped entirely. We hope that most of you have been using the 64-bit version anyway, so this won't affect you. If you'd like more details, please feel free to ask us in the General Discussion forum. Also as a consequence of this change, we've had to move the minimum macOS version up to 10.9 Mavericks, and further, we've had to drop the legacy VideoCaptureQT (QuickTime) module. Again, we hope that most of you are on newer OS's anyway, and are using the more future-proof VideoCapture module, which uses AVFoundation rather than QuickTime.

Overall, we hope you enjoy, and as always, if you have any feedback or you discover any problems, please feel free to post in the General Discussion forum!