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BlackSpout utility for Blackmagic capture

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BlackSpout utility for Blackmagic capture

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BlackSpout is a lightweight standalone Spout Sender app for Windows. It lets you capture input from any Blackmagic device and transfer it in real-time to any application with Spout Receiver capability (Magic or otherwise). For maximum efficiency, it uses the GPU as much as possible.

I called it BlackSpout as an homage to the equivalent utility for OS X called BlackSyphon (

For now, BlackSpout has only a preview window (no menus though), but it does support command-line parameters, so you can use it with batch files to automate your setup quite easily. I may add a full GUI in the future.

BlackSpout is free to use for any purpose.

Here's the download link:
https://magicmusicvisuals.s3.amazonaws. ...

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