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Magic 1.51 released

Latest information from the Magic development team.
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Magic 1.51 released

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Hi everyone, I've just updated the Magic download page with the release of version 1.51:

For those of you that downloaded the 1.51 Beta version from the latest Magic newsletter, not much has changed. Here's the full version history for 1.51:

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What's New in Version 1.51
- Added MIDI Learn feature for module parameters and for playlist control
- Added Starfield option to use module input as star image
- Improved Image module loading time
- Improved Image module support for non-standard image formats
- Added individual notes to Aftertouch MIDI feature
- Fixed bug with loading duplicate modules from additional module folders
- Fixed bug with playlist drag indicator not showing
- Fixed bug with incorrect path redirection for old projects using 2DScenes module
- Fixed bug with disabled modules not greyed out properly when pasting
One difference from the 1.51 Beta is that we had to go back to using Spout 1.6 because we detected a performance drop in Spout 2.0. We'll be investigating this further for the next Magic release. If you're actively using the Spout output functionality, you should definitely update to the full Magic 1.51 release.

Also, we've made a minor improvement to the Magic installers: they now detect previous versions of Magic. On Windows in particular, you'll be given the option to uninstall the existing version. This is generally recommended, because overwriting the previous installation can result in some minor compatibility issues.

Don't worry -- your preferences and activation status will never be affected when you uninstall previous versions. This is true for both Windows and OS X.