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Magic 2.13 released

Latest information from the Magic development team.
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Magic 2.13 released

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Hi guys, I'm pleased to announce that we have a new version available with some useful tweaks/improvements:

- New Help menu option: Reset Default Paths (for projects/modules/audio/exporting/etc). This should allow for an easy fix when certain network locations or removable drives aren't accessible, and can cause the program to stall for a long time.

- New File > Recent Projects submenu option: Clear Recent Projects.

- New Help menu option: Reset All Settings, which will reset literally everything, including both of the above. The app will behave as if it were freshly installed on a new computer.

- Reorganized some Scene menu options into a new Scene Editor Options submenu.

- Added a new toggle option to the above submenu: Switch Scenes For Module Undo/Redo. This will automatically switch tabs when undoing/redoing module operations that are not in the current tab. Hopefully it will alleviate some confusion when you Undo or Redo and nothing appears to happen.

- New Text/TextFile options in the drop-down menu for the Align parameter: Window Left and Window Right, which let you align the text to the window.

- New Text/TextFile parameter: Line #, which lets you display only one line of text at a time (when there are multiple lines).

- New menu item in Input Sources Window drop-down menu: Close Audio Input Device. This makes Magic not use a default audio input device. I added it because there have been some reports of audio device conflicts.

- Limited the size of module drop-down menus to 3 columns only (such as for Font selection in the Text/TextFile modules). This way the menu doesn't occupy the whole screen.

- New Starfield parameters: Distance and Spread, which let you control the area of the Starfield. I think it looks nice when both values are set to 10. I also had to limit the Starfield to 5000 stars at once, otherwise even fast computers got a bit slow.

- Fixed a bug with module Edit menus causing the wrong commands to be invoked.

If you have any questions or you encounter any issues, please feel free to post in the General Discussion forum. Thanks very much!