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Magic 2.12 released

Latest information from the Magic development team.
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Magic 2.12 released

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Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce the next official Magic release, v2.12. It has a lot of convenient and fun new features:

- New keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl/Cmd+UpArrow and Ctrl/Cmd+DownArrow, which let you automatically replace a selected module with the previous/next one in the menu. These shortcuts are a really quick and easy way to browse through all the modules when you're trying to find one you like.

- You can also add Shift to the above shortcuts, which will only replace a module with the previous/next one of the same type (generator or effect -- i.e., input vs. no input)

- New keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+D, which resets the selected module's parameters to the default values

- We also reorganized some of the menus to make things easier to find and to emphasize the new and existing keyboard shortcuts

- New Auto-Save option (File > Auto-Save Projects). This automatically saves a periodic backup of your project. You can specify the duration in File > Auto-Save Duration. The default is every 5 minutes.

- New "Random Trigger" modifier which generates a new random number when triggered, and which stays put indefinitely until the next time it's triggered.

- New Recent submenu for quickly accessing the most recently used modules.

- New Scale parameter for all the Media modules which provides a few different scaling options, including stretching to fill the window.

- New arrow buttons that appear when you hover over an audio/MIDI file in the Input Sources window. These let you quickly browse through all sound files in the current folder.

- New option in the Input Sources Window drop-down menu to hide the full audio/MIDI file paths and only display the filename. This makes things a little less cluttered.

- Better multi-select functionality in the Folder Panel for renaming, post-processing, and graphics memory.

- A few important fixes/improvements: bug fix for renaming Globals; bug fix for Hap videos whose widths are not multiples of 16; bug fix for occasional missed audio/MIDI/OSC input; improved behavior when duplicating scenes in graphics memory

As always, you can download the full version of 2.12 at, or you can download it directly within Magic by selecting Help > Check For New Version Now in the main menu.

I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to post in the General Discussion forum if you have any feedback.