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Magic 1.5 released, SpoutReceiver module available

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Magic 1.5 released, SpoutReceiver module available

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Hey everyone, just a friendly announcement that Magic 1.5 has officially been released and is available for download (

This version adds a few exciting new features, particularly support for FFGL plugins and for Shadertoy shaders.

Even if you've already downloaded the 1.5 Beta we sent out in our newsletter, I still recommend you update to the release version because a few minor improvements have been made.

We've also just released our first version of a Spout Receiver module ( We've tested it quite a bit and it seems to be working well. Spout is a new technology, so our release is still a Beta version, but we'd love to hear your feedback about it.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

I hope you enjoy.