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Any chance of having an iOS Magic-AR experience?

Suggestions for new features for Magic.
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Any chance of having an iOS Magic-AR experience?

Post by Catfishkuhn »


I've been a Magic user for awhile and it is hands down the best media integration and presentation for those of us who enjoy seeing what effects sounds have on graphic entities.

Ive spent the last month using Apple Reality Compoer on the iPad, and find the AR experience Apple has to be pretty stable and worthwhile for developers to look at.

I'm sure it isn't on your list, but I also think it isn't going away.

It's worth a look, at least.

Larry 'Catfish' Kuhn
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Re: Any chance of having an iOS Magic-AR experience?

Post by Sadler »

Do you have a use-case for AR? I guess there would be an possible avenue for interactive installation but AR is, by definition, from a single user's perspective - either through mobile device or AR/VR wearables. If there was a way to get the iPad screen syphoned into Magic, multiple people could see that, but it would cease to be AR. You would have to have Magic on the device to take advantage of the augmentation.

Improved 3D has been on the cards for Magic for a while and we are all waiting to see what version 3.0 brings :shock:

But Mac OS, never mind iOS, specific functionality is unlikely to be implemented unless it is core and there is equivalent technology on Windows. I, for one, would never touch Apple, but let's not go down that rabbit hole.
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Re: Any chance of having an iOS Magic-AR experience?

Post by Magic »

We have no plans to support iOS unfortunately. Magic is just too complicated for it.
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Re: Any chance of having an iOS Magic-AR experience?

Post by mcornholio »

I had some success (basically, proof-of-concept) with using native iOS AR apps, streaming that to macos and using syphoner (probably, cheaper solutions exist too) to grab video into Magic.

Interesting thing that I was doing that over the network, so e.g. with dedicated wifi hotspot (or even ethernet, check this out: you can get a pretty good camera with AR capabilities, that you can put on a crazy distance from your laptop, in a price of a phone that you probably own anyway.

I haven't tried this in actual venues yet, and I have my suspicions that even dedicated wifi could cause trouble in crowded areas, but I have my hopes on ethernet.
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