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Magic 2.01 released

Latest information from the Magic development team.
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Magic 2.01 released

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Hi everyone, I'm very pleased to announce that Magic 2.01 has been released.

2.01 is the first version after 2.0, and it contains many important bug fixes. We strongly recommend all users to download it.

Perhaps even more importantly, 2.01 now contains support for the Interactive Shader Format (ISF) v2 specification, and it also includes over 200 new ISF filters from the ISF sample pack:
ISF.png (33.09 KiB) Viewed 19178 times
Wow! Thanks so much to the developers at Vidvox for allowing us to include the ISF sample pack in the Magic release. We're really excited that so many new effects are available to Magic users.

To download Magic 2.01, use the menu command Help > Check For New Version Now within the application, or head to our full version download page: Remember, all 2.xx updates to Magic are completely free for Version 2 customers.

I hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions/comments/feedback/etc., please don't hesistate to post in the General Discussion forum.

Thanks so much!

p.s. Here's the full list of changes in 2.01 (also available via Help > Version History in the application):

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What's New In Version 2.01
- Added support for ISF v2
- Included over 200 ISF v2 filters
- Fixed bug with unsupported audio sample rates when exporting .mp4s
- Fixed bug with memory leak in fullscreen mode on some graphics cards
- Fixed bug with Preview Window not stopping/starting on some graphics cards
- Fixed bug with not clearing Globals panel between project loads
- Fixed bug with not initializing Custom Freq ranges properly
- Fixed bug with tooltips causing occasional crashes on Windows
- Fixed bug with some effects not resetting inside scene modules
- Fixed bug with removing Playlist entries when Randomize is enabled
- Fixed bug with adding audio files when no audio output available
- Fixed bug with incorrect license invalidation on some Windows computers
- Fixed bug with modifiers not processed immediately after loading project
- Fixed bug with negative start time cutting off audio files