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Feature request: Video fade in / out and better GPU efficiency.

Suggestions for new features for Magic.
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Feature request: Video fade in / out and better GPU efficiency.

Post by Darkstar82 »

Hi there,

First off I am relatively new to this application so if I am asking for a function that is already present that I have been unable to find, my apologies and please feel free to direct me to it.

But if not, here goes. Would it be possible / too much of a headache, to add the ability to fade in and out an exported movie? The difficulty I have is I write music from scratch and so after much hunting, I found and purchased Music visualiser to create something pleasant to go with them each time I write a track, which is working a treat but I need a fade in and fade out on the video before uploading it to be shared and so I have to then take the exported MAGIC video and run it through another application to add the fade and then export that extracted video, which often results in things like the colour intensity/clarity not quite matching the original MAGIC export and so fourth. It's a hell of a pain in the neck to be losing quality just to add a fade.

So would it be possible to have some form of ability down the road to add either a set 5 second fade on each end or an adjustable fade? Then I can write my music, make my visual, export it and upload it, without risk of lessening the video quality prior to upload/sharing.

Also, I have noticed that simply by opening magic, not running anything, just opening it and leaving it there, my GPU starts DUMPING heat like it was cranking through a AAA gaming title on max settings. Is there any way to get the app to leave the GPU alone until it needs it? would be good on the energy costs and such.

Overall, I truly adore this software, :D , as an old gamer I was present for the very dawn of winamp so I have always loved visualisations (that barely ran on my 486 back then...) but to have the ability to make such variety with such ease and add them to my music to share without fear of copyright on a visual, is something special. Thank you for making this rather niche and brilliant application.
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Re: Feature request: Video fade in / out and better GPU efficiency.

Post by Sadler »

Magic on my rtx2080 pc idles at around 18% gpu on an empty scene.

As to fading in and out, there are several ways.
  1. Top and tail the playlist with empty scenes.
  2. Have a Transparency node add a small Threshold on Volume and a healthy chunk of Smoothing.
  3. Use a Mix node with just one input with modifiers similar to above.
  4. If you want 5 sec then use an Increase modifier set to 0.2 with a clamp = 1
With the last one it is easy to fade in but a bit tricky to fade out at the right time. Fade out is the inverse of fade in.
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