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Opacity On effects

Suggestions for new features for Magic.
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Opacity On effects

Post by DACHHU »

Opacity parameter on every effect would be nice, or 'wet/dry'.
Find myself creating lots of extra blend/mix modules to get the right look sometimes.

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Re: Opacity On effects

Post by Magic »

Ok, thanks. That's probably doable for most of the effects modules.
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Re: Opacity On effects

Post by damstraversaz »

I'm totally agree ! that's will be very useful
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Re: Opacity On effects

Post by neoz »

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Re: Opacity On effects

Post by Fractal Grinder »

THISSSSS!!!!! would be awesome. I know you guys are busy but yeah, this is a great request.
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Re: Opacity On effects

Post by artnik »

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Re: Opacity On effects

Post by Terry Payman »

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Re: Opacity On effects

Post by TanookiMonk »

Yeah +1 For sure !
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Re: Opacity On effects

Post by Sadler »

This is reasonably simple for ISF (and likewise GLSL shaders) but tedious to go through all files, and for the built-in effects these will get overwritten on any new, update or re-install, and of course many built-in effects are not ISF.

Add a float parameter (e.g. 'dry') then add this line to the end of the main:

Code: Select all

	// wet is the output rgba of the effect
	gl_FragColor = mix(IMG_NORM_PIXEL(inputImage,uv,1.0),wet, dry);
+1 if automatically applied to all FX and bypassed when the effect is completely dry.

I've done this with a few modules but make sure to default the parameter value to fully wet - to not change your existing comps.

This brings me to a related consideration: when live, I often want to add nodes into the mix which, for many effects, is abrupt and jarring. I will often add an unconnected node, configure it to leave the output unaffected, then connect it (cut then paste insert on a noodle). It takes time to do this and it would be good to have and option to insert nodes completely dry in certain situations.
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