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Midi Device Detection

Suggestions for new features for Magic.
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Midi Device Detection

Post by sjdacruz »

I'm not sure how to search if this was previously mentioned:

Currently, software I use alongside MMV waits until I assign a MIDI device before I can use it, then I can open up MMV and it automatically "absorbs" any devices that haven't been claimed by currently open software.
If I open MMV first, it grabs all devices, making them unassignable in software that I open after the fact.
So my feature request: (if not already available) Can I set Magic to *NOT* absorb all midi devices until I choose them manually?
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Re: Midi Device Detection

Post by Sadler »

You can get around this by installing a virtual midi port and assign each physical device to several virtual devices, thereby allowing you to control multiple apps with one device.
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