Dark Dubstep/Riddim Project for a Music Producer/DJ Dak0

Fri Aug 13, 2021 12:47 am


Hello! Thanks for checking out the post. I wanted to provide a first look into a custom, reactive MP4 visual that a producer friend of mine will be using during live performances during his DJ sets. He produces music, and performs it live when gigs are available. I'd love to know what everyone thinks of this, and I'd love to hear any constructive feedback on the project so that I can improve as I move forward!

Backstory on development: the Skulls in this video were hand-sculpted by me in Blender as separate pieces, and rotated/scaled within Magic to place them in their respective positions on-screen. All effects seen in this video were used with the built in effects and ISF options within Magic as well. I was able to get the skull to open its mouth by making the skull and its jaw 2 separate pieces, and giving them each their own automation for rotation/translation depending on the WAV stem being played during the specific scene.

My biggest hurdle in this project was the 3D models themselves. I was able to sculpt them in extremely high definition with a high polygon count, but Magic didnt work well with the complexity of it (wether it be my PC hardware, or the fact that the polygon count was in the millions, it just didnt jive well). From there, I used a modifier within blender called "decimate" to collapse a large amount of polygons while still keeping the shape of the original sculpt. I thought my issue was done there, but I learned that the polygons were then having issues with the OBJ file type (which is what I wanted to use in order to export my baked texture for the skulls as well). After multiple failures, I went ahead and exported the skulls as PLY file type and got them working smooth within Magic with no issues, other than the skulls being a basic and untextured mesh. I decided to use color effects within Magic to provide them the red/toon stylized art style, and I ended with a satisfactory visual design that looks good on a projected display for live music performances.
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