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Magic 1.53 released

Latest information from the Magic development team.
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Magic 1.53 released

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Hi everyone, I've just updated the Magic download page with version 1.53:

Among other things, this version introduces a new color scheme for the user interface. It should be a bit easier on the eyes, especially in darker environments.


No bugs were reported in the Beta version of 1.53, so the release version is identical. Here are the changes since 1.52:

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What's New in Version 1.53
- Updated color scheme with darker backgrounds for use in lower-light environments
- Added "Collect Assets" command for consolidating project files into one folder
- Added bypass button for parameter modifiers
- Added up to 24 dB of negative gain for audio inputs
- Added use of Shift key for increased precision when dragging to change values
- Added option to remain in fullscreen mode on primary display when other apps are used
- Added keyboard shortcut for "Cleanup Graphics Memory" command
- Reduced default size of Magic Window
- Updated sample projects to 16:9 aspect ratio
- Reorganized some menu items
- Fixed bug with inaccessible Editor Window after disconnecting secondary display
- Fixed bug with incorrect Editor Window title when "Change Tabs with Playlist" enabled
- Fixed bug with some alpha channel functionality not working with DepthTest module