3D Extrusion

Tue Nov 24, 2020 7:02 am

I'd like to add solid depth to 2D objects in a "Z" direction, such that, when rotated thru a rotate axis module, would retain 3D information. Example would include polygons that have thickness, spinning logos from an image module, or even text with observable thickness. Of course these object can be prebuilt and introduced as models, but I'd like to utilize it in a dynamic way, such that video input, or constantly updating text can be sent to "extrude".

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Re: 3D Extrusion

Tue Nov 24, 2020 3:25 pm

Not likely, to be honest. You can't really extrude an image file into a 3D model, at least not without a very sophisticated algorithm that surely would not be able to run in real-time.

Polygons or other objects that are already 3D models are much easier, but it's much more efficient to extrude them in a 3D modeling program, and then bring them into Magic and scale one axis to 0 to fake a non-extruded model.
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Re: 3D Extrusion

Wed Nov 25, 2020 6:32 am

Eric is right for real extrusion, better off creating them elsewhere. However it is possible to fake them in real-time to a certain extent.


A quick video shows the effectiveness of the 3D and showing the (two) nodes required to achieve it.
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