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Magic 1.64 released

Latest information from the Magic development team.
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Magic 1.64 released

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Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce the release of Magic 1.64, with some great new features.

Here's the full entry from the VersionHistory.txt file (included with the application):

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What's New In Version 1.64
- Added significant improvements for modifier editing:
  - Selection of multiple modifiers by clicking with Ctrl/Cmd and/or Shift
  - Standard keyboard shortcuts for modifier Cut/Copy/Paste/Remove/Select All
  - Extended Paste functionality based on selection, mouse position, and/or Shift key
  - Reordering and/or bypassing all selected modifiers at once
- Added support for GPU-accelerated Hap codecs in Video module
- Added support for backwards playback in Video module (dependent upon codec)
- Added option to show module bypass/power params by default
- Added button in Export Movie dialog for updating length from audio files
- Added panning in Editor window by dragging with middle mouse button
- Added new keyboard shortcuts for quickly connecting selected modules
- Added new Paste Replace command and keyboard shortcut for modules
- Improved readability of graphics memory
- Improved support for audio devices on Macs
- Added new Help menu option for viewing Version History (this document)
- Fixed bug with Video module dropping last frames for some codecs
- Fixed bug with wrong Playlist time when dragging audio playback slider
- Fixed bug with module annotations at bottom rather than top
As you can see, there is even a new Help menu option for viewing the Version History directly. Cool, eh? Now you won't have to go diving into your installation folder to find it.

One other important thing not listed above is that we've split Magic into separate Demo and Full versions. The Demo version has almost all the functionality of the Performer edition, except that the watermark will still appear after 30 days, and saving is now completely disabled. The advantage for you is that you will have nearly the full set of Performer features available for testing on new machines, etc. The Performer features won't disappear after 30 days like they used to.

But, most of you reading this probably won't need to bother with the Demo version. You can grab the full version from this page: Just for 1.64, you will need to enter your e-mail address and get the download links sent to you. Full versions are now only downloadable by existing customers. I know this is a bit of an inconvenience, but the good news is that we've improved the Help > Check For Updates command in 1.64, so when any future versions (1.65+) are released, you'll be able to download them directly from within the application. Thus, it will actually be even easier to update than before.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to post in the General Discussion forum, or you can contact us if you have a private matter to discuss. We'll do our best to help you in whatever way we can.

Until next time,