Magic 2.13 Beta available

Wed May 23, 2018 3:23 pm

Hi guys, I'm pleased to announce that we have a new minor Beta version available with some useful tweaks/improvements:

- New Help menu option: Reset Default Paths (for projects/modules/audio/exporting/etc). This should allow for an easy fix when certain network locations or removable drives aren't accessible, and can cause the program to stall for a long time.

- New File > Recent Projects submenu option: Clear Recent Projects.

- New Help menu option: Reset All Settings, which will reset literally everything, including both of the above. The app will behave as if it were freshly installed on a new computer.

- Reorganized some Scene menu options into a new Scene Editor Options submenu.

- Added a new toggle option to the above submenu: Switch Scenes For Module Undo/Redo. This will automatically switch tabs when undoing/redoing module operations that are not in the current tab. Hopefully it will alleviate some confusion when you Undo or Redo and nothing appears to happen.

- New Text/TextFile options in the drop-down menu for the Align parameter: Window Left and Window Right, which let you align the text to the window.

- New Text/TextFile parameter: Line #, which lets you display only one line of text at a time (when there are multiple lines).

- New menu item in Input Sources Window drop-down menu: Close Audio Input Device. This makes Magic not use a default audio input device. I added it because there have been some reports of audio device conflicts.

- Limited the size of module drop-down menus to 3 columns only (such as for Font selection in the Text/TextFile modules). This way the menu doesn't occupy the whole screen.

- New Starfield parameters: Distance and Spread, which let you control the area of the Starfield. I think it looks nice when both values are set to 10. I also had to limit the Starfield to 5000 stars at once, otherwise even fast computers got a bit slow.

If you have any questions or you encounter any issues, please feel free to post in the General Discussion forum. Thanks very much!
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