Magic 2.11b available

Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:38 pm

Hi everyone, I've got a fun new Beta version for you to play with. It has a bunch of little tweaks and fixes which should make Magic a lot more enjoyable, flexible, and convenient for you.

Here's a demo video we recently did which shows some new options for the Spectrum module (for best playback quality, set to at least 720p):


Besides that, I'm sure you'll find all the new features in 2.11b to be very useful. Personally, I don't even have any favorites -- I like them all equally :). Take a look at the full list further below, and if you have any questions, please feel free to post in the General Discussion forum!

As always, you can download the Beta at

I hope you enjoy!
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What's New In Version 2.11
- Added buttons and keyboard shortcuts for browsing module File parameters
- Added ability to use Globals as variables in Expression modifier
- Added better handling of Expression modifier errors
- Added background color options for module Annotations
- Added option to keep Annotations visible when minimizing modules
- Added new module menu options to Edit and Reload external ISF files
- Added new module menu option to Edit external GLSLShader files
- Added new Scale module parameter for using X for all three dimensions
- Added new Spectrum module parameters for additional visual options
- Added persistent preference for Hide Close Buttons option in Tab menu
- Added Scene menu option to completely hide Tab Panel
- Added Scene/Tab/Folder menu options for adding scenes to Playlist
- Added functionality to reset modules by double-clicking title bar
- Added option to never show mouse cursor over Fullscreen view
- Improved support for disabled module parameters
- Fixed bug with texture file paths for some formats in Model module
- Fixed bug with copying-and-pasting modules into existing projects
- Fixed bug with dialog boxes inaccessible when outside of screen area
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