First episode of GRIT Sessions with Magic (ep #18)

Fri Nov 06, 2015 9:55 pm

Here is the first episode of my video mix show GRIT Sessions done using Magic for visuals. We use OBS as our broadcasting software which allows for multiple scenes / cameras and allows embedding of html as a scene input. There is a section where there are just gifs playing on a loop, done with an html embed from the site (while I ran for beer and the other VJ was DJing), but other than that all visuals including camera feed were from Magic. I prepared the scenes ahead of time but controlled all visuals live with an Arturia Beatstep as my midi controller.

If you like the music and wish to catch future shows, please follow us on Chew or on Twitter (@gritsessions) to keep updated! Typical show time is 4pm Sunday afternoon (PST)
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