Song Visualization with (audio) copyright issues

Thu Mar 31, 2022 5:22 pm

Wrote a song for some new visual effects and got me first copyright claim from a company called Adrev Publishing which seems to be one of YouTubes copyrights tests during upload.
Funnily enough I couldn't even find the song on YouTube which they claim I's called "Ode To Zanzibar" from Extreme-Music, they claim my first 2 minutes of the song would use their song's melody which, BTW, is a simple C-F-C-G-F-C chord progression found in tons of blues songs written in the past 50 years or so. Maybe someone of you knows their song?

Anyway, here's my "Happy Song", enjoy it while it's still there :lol:
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Re: Song Visualization with (audio) copyright issues

Thu Apr 28, 2022 11:52 am

For those who might be interested how the copyright claim from Adrev Publishing has ended:

TL;DR: their software to find copyrighted music (in their own words: "Adrev has grown into the industry’s standard bearer for innovation") completely sucks :shock:

I denied their claim and offered them to listen to the stems of my song (which only the composer can provide), but they didn't even respond within the required 30 days so YouTube removed the copyright claim. During those 30 days the video can NOT be monetized.

For me with my 3 or so daily downloads this doesn't change anything, but if I would be a professional YouTube-musician I would have lost the complete revenue from this song, because most clicks happen in the first 30 days. For people with millions of followers that would be quite some money.

As for the quality of their service, have a listen yourself:
My song:
The (ahem) copied song: ... 20ZANZIBAR

Indistinguishable :roll: :lol:
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