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Production as Performance

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Production as Performance

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 12:02 am
by tladb

These are the first four videos of my idea to promote production as performance. The idea to to use elements of the production process in the music visualisations. This includes the hardware, software, magic visuals and inspirations. I am looking to relate the visuals to the producers rather than as abstract image. The anticipated audience are viewing this on screens, computers, tablet TV etc, rather than in clubs and stadiums.

This is especially relevant to me as much of my music production is created and preformed with software.

Magic Performer is well suited for this project. It can inject a wide range of elements and effects and has the ability to display them without an overwhelming interface. One small but excellent feature is the 'Get audio/MIDI length' button in the export dialog which is a real convenience.

I am not fully there yet but it is an interesting journey.

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