Fun w vid/ text masking, kaleidoscopic vid, slide animation

Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:05 pm

Here are a few more videos showcasing the fun possibilities of Magic Studio.
"Sentimental" plays with kaleidoscopic video and chromakey, and relies on Magic for the slide animation.

It also involved standing in the driveway with very cold water spraying down on me (amused the neighbors!), and dancing in the dining room without freaking out the cat too much.

"This is What My God Sounds Like" illustrates use of masking with video and text layers to create fun animated text effects.

I started "Love More Visibly" and "Praying to the Same God" in Magix Photostory shortly before discovering Magic Studio, and realizing I could also do animation of jpg slides with that (as in "Sentimental," above. But I realized I could still use Magic Studio to jazz up the existing slideshows, especially around the borders.


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