Live performance of effected gifs with midi controller

Tue Sep 04, 2018 1:28 pm


This video was the logical extension of the process that guided the composition of the music: using sidechains from the different drum mics to bring different sonic elements into existence along with them. Solid blocks of choir chords, synth layers lay dormant until the kick drum opens gates to let them through. Hi hats go through vocoders. I'm always fighting to make electronic music sound cohesive, it seemed a worthy experiment to see if I could make the drums basically play everything else.

This is a screen record of me doing a live manipulation of elements with a LPD8 midi controller. I took the stems from the piece of music that I wrote and had them affect different parameters of the video, the coloured dots's height is affected by the pitch of the two violin parts, the circles circumference is affected by a knob on the midi controller. The size of the stars correlates to the kick drum. And various distortions happen to the gifs and 3d model mostly from the kick drum track. Every gif was dialed into existence with the CC knobs on the midi controller.

The result is a "comet of bad taste" according to my friend Oliver.
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Re: Live performance of effected gifs with midi controller

Fri Sep 07, 2018 2:36 pm

Fun. My only complaint is that the audio is a little bit out of sync which weakens the impact. What capture software did you use?
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