Manual crossfade between scenes

Fri May 30, 2014 3:19 am

Hey there!

First off, let me just thank you for making such a powerful and affordable piece of software, I can't get enough of it and I talk it up to everyone I meet!

I work at a venue in Silverlake CA called The Echo and use MAGIC to serve up visuals behind the bands, a feature I've noticed would come in handy is the ability to crossfade or additive dissolve between two scenes using a variable slider rather than a timed transition. Scenes look very cool in the middle state of overlay (especially black and white scenes mixed with color scenes using additive dissolve) it would be insanely helpful to have more control over this!!

Thanks so much for reading, excited to see all these changes on the way keep up the great work!


Jerome Cushing
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Re: Upcoming features

Fri May 30, 2014 10:23 pm

Hey Jerome, thanks! We're based in Los Angeles and I'd love to come check out your work with Magic at the Echo :). I think I've been there before but it was probably a long time ago.

That's an interesting idea with the transitions, I'll definitely see what I can do. In the meantime you might want to experiment with the Scene module functionality, which lets you draw a scene on top of another scene. You could use this with the ColorRGB module to set the opacity (via the Alpha channel) and create a fade effect, which you could control very precisely with either the mouse or with MIDI. Using the Polygon module with the ColorRGB module could also simulate a fade effect. Let me know if you have any questions -- I'd be happy to split this off into a new topic with more detail.

Thanks again!
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