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Retro/LoRes/Glitch Content creating

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Retro/LoRes/Glitch Content creating

Post by TanookiMonk »

So here i will try to compile external tools that will help you create Retro/LoRes/Glitch content for further implementation in your magic projects. Feel free to keep us up to date if you know any other tools.

Software 1 : Bomb (Windows/Mac)
Link :
Software 2 : Ibniz (Windows)
Link :
Link : ... w&uid=4987
Software 4 : Lsvj (Windows)
Link : ... downloads/
Software 5 : Pikix (Windows/Gp2x/Gameboy/Playstation 2)
Link :
Software 6 : FunScreen (Online + Atari)
Link : ... erator.php
Note that you will need an atari emulator to run your final rom
Software 7 : Gradual Decline (Gameboy)
Note that you will need a gameboy emulator to run your final rom
Link : ... litch-rom/
Software 8 : Square Jockey (Gameboy Advance)
Link : ... Uw2YmIzNFU
Software 9 : GlitchNes (Nintento Entertainment System)
Link :
Software 10 : LiteWall (Nes/Snes)
Link : ... ewall.html
Software 11 : LogoNes (Nes)
Link :
Software 12 : NesFlix (Nes)
Link :
Software 13 : (ScrollNes (nes)
Link :
Plugin 1 : BigFug Video Glitcher (Windows/Mac - Not Free)
Link : ... r-windows/
Plugin 2 : Ascii Shader (Glsl)
Link :

P.S.: Eric could you move this thread into tutorials for me :)
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Re: Retro/LoRes/Glitch Content creating

Post by Sadler »

Some interesting stuff and I quite like a bit of glitch here and there. Downloading emulators sounds like too much work though 8-) I'd prefer to hand craft or pre-render some glitch or 8-bit stuff or recreate it in MMV before using an emulator.

I have all of Alex May's plugins though I don't use the glitch one often - I prefer Resolume Twitch especially now since it doesn't crash MMV.

Check out MVGEN which will generate quite glitchy videos based in music files and keywords - thought how much it listens to the audio it's difficult to say as they're so glitchy they'll go with anything fast.

And of course, there's a whole category of glitch on interactive shaders:

And a world of glitch on shadertoy:
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Re: Retro/LoRes/Glitch Content creating

Post by TanookiMonk »

Ok this is awesome !!!

Quantum VJ HD is a simple glitch-style audio visualizer (video generator). It can receive sound from the microphone or from the Line-in port (depends on the system settings). Sound will be converted to the graphic elements byte by byte. The final video can be mixed with the camera stream in real time.
Based on the algorithms from the Quantum VJ (pendant).
This app is free for all systems, except the Android and iOS.

Software Page :
Terry Payman
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Re: Retro/LoRes/Glitch Content creating

Post by Terry Payman »

TanookiMonk wrote:Software 2 : Ibniz (Windows)
The on-line Javascript link is broken, but fortunately the page is in the Internet Archive.

It has some great presets as starting points, and I found it much easier to use. ... ibniz.html

Many thanks TanookiMonk :D
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Re: Retro/LoRes/Glitch Content creating

Post by olazzzzz »

Hi everyone,

very interesting post, thank you!
Could you elaborate a little further for all us newbies out here on how to implement these visuals glitches in Magic (I am especially interested in the aesthetics generated by Bomb )?
Is it about creating videos in those programs and then importing them to Magic or is there a deeper way to implement them?
Thank you!
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