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Using the same video in multiple scenes

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Using the same video in multiple scenes

Posted: Tue May 20, 2014 12:53 am
by Eric
Let's say you want to add the same video to two different scenes (in this case, Scene 0 and Scene 1). You might think you need to add one Video module to Scene 0, and another to Scene 1:
Image Image

But, there are two problems with this.

One, you are storing two copies of the video in memory, so you are using twice the memory you need to.

Two, when you switch scenes from Scene 0 to Scene 1, the videos won't be in the same playback position, because each Video module keeps track of time independently. The transition won't be continuous, especially if you are using the Playlist to fade the scenes in and out.

To solve both of these problems, you can use a Scene module:
Image Image

In the above example, Scene 1 is just drawing Scene 0, which in turn is drawing the video. Now, when you click on the scene tabs, or you use the Playlist to transition between Scene 0 and Scene 1, the video's playback position will be in exactly the same place.

You can use Scene modules in as many other scenes as you like. For the Video module especially, it can save a lot of memory and processor resources, because you're only using one copy of the video in your project.

For more information on Scene modules, see this section in the User's Guide: ... eneModules

Re: Using the same video in multiple scenes

Posted: Sun Nov 09, 2014 3:47 pm
by Ranya
thanks. It will be good to have special post for all such hidden tricks

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