Looking to program a MIDI Note (piano key) to "flash" an img

Wed Dec 28, 2022 3:40 am

I created a visualizer which will show lightning (.png images of a lightning bolts) based on where note are on a scale.

I have each lightning bolt (image module) programmed as:
Source: MIDI
Feature: Note Velocity

This "holds" the lightnight bolt image for as long as I'm holding the piano key.

But I want the lightning bolt to "flash" on, then quickly turn off; even if I'm still holding the note.

Any ideas? I tried to toy around with a simple string of modules using a polygon. But I can't quite figure out the trick.

Here's a quick example of the visualization I have so far:
Don't mind the crazy red/purple lights, they're gone now lol
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Re: Looking to program a MIDI Note (piano key) to "flash" an

Thu Dec 29, 2022 10:15 am

This works for OSC but should also be good for midi...
Screenshot 2022-12-29 101023.png
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