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Supported 3D File Formats

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Supported 3D File Formats

Post by chrisjdan »

Can MMV import a .blend file successfully? I did find information on the forum indicating that people have imported a .blend file and NOT crashed.

I've always had the best success with .obj but upon review of the docs I noticed that Blender is supposed to be supported. Is there an Blender export addon or is it version specific as Magic shuts down with a system error report generated on both of my machines.

iMac 27 late 2013 - Catalina 10.15.7 Magic Version 2.31

macBook Air M1 - Ventura 1.0.1 Magic Demo Version 2.31

I've left the license on the old machine, just installed x264 today and downloaded the Beta version but not installed yet.

I also saw some talk about .glb or .gltf.

What up with that?????
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Re: Supported 3D File Formats

Post by Magic »

Unfortunately the code for 3D model loading is open source and it seems to occasionally have bugs like this.

.obj seems to be the best.
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