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How do i get my visuals into obs

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How do i get my visuals into obs

Post by aethers »

I recently bought the performer edition of the software so im very new to it and i cant figure out how to get my visuals to show up in obs so i can use them on my streams. I know you're suppossed to use like spout or something similar but its just very confusing to me and i cant find good info on how to set it up. I have the obs plugin downloaded but the spout capture doesnt pick anything up idk if theres like a setting im missing or im just messing it up entirely but could someone help me out with understanding how this works or point me in the direction of the information im missing please. Any help is appreciated :)
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Re: How do i get my visuals into obs

Post by bOoOd »

Hi, i'm new to it too so i hope this helps:

Now that you have the obs spout 2 plugin installed, you'll get a new source in obs called "spout 2 capture", add that with "first available sender". Then go to MMV - window - magic window options, check "spout output" and "use spout 2". That should do it!
Terry Payman
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Re: How do i get my visuals into obs

Post by Terry Payman »

I gave this a quick try and it seemed to work just fine.

1) I updated my OBS installation to OBS 28.1.2

2) I downloaded and ran the OBS<>Spout plugin ... -obs28.exe

3) I loaded a project into Magic, then enabled Spout output (Window>Magic Window Options>Spout Output)

4) I confirmed Spout v2 was selected (Window>Magic Window Options>Use Spout v2)

5) I started OBS, clicked + in the Sources panel then selected Spout2 Capture

6) I clicked OK on the Create/Select Source popup window

7) A properties window opened for Spout2 Capture, displaying my Magic output. I set Spout Senders to Magic Main Sender and clicked OK

8) My Magic output appeared in the OBS preview window, but it was zoomed in and there was a red box around it.

9) I set OBS to match my Magic project's resolution, and the full Magic output was shown in the OBS preview, without any red box

EDIT, sending transparency from Magic as well:
10) I sent Magic's output with an alpha (transparency) channel (Window>Magic Window Options>Send Alpha Channel)

11) In OBS I changed the Spout2 Capture properties, setting Composite Mode to Premultiplied Alpha

12) I added an image to the OBS Sources panel, then dragged it below the Spout2 Capture source. The image was then visible in the transparent regions of my Magic output.
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