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translate module - modifier input

Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2022 7:47 pm
by danzbassman

I have been using Magic for just about a week now. I am using the tutorial and demo videos to try to figure out how to use the software. I've run into a problem I can't find a solution to.

I am trying to get image files to move from top to bottom. I am using the Translate module and trying to trigger that in response to wav files. So I have the Y axis linked to source 1 feature volume. However even when the track is not playing random values are cycling through the modifier window for the Y axis, which is creating movement of the image file in the preview/magic window.

The Translate window is set:
X 0.5
Y linked to Source 1, feature volume
Ramp 0.1
scale 3.0
offset -1.0
power 2
scale -1.0
offset 1.0

The modifier window by the = sign under the last offset is cycling through random values just like the modifier window by the Y axis.

I tried setting the source for the Y axis to an empty source but that didn't change anything.

I can't figure out what is causing the values in the Y axis to generate when the source audio is not playing.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

BTW: Great software. So much fun so far.


Re: translate module - modifier input

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2022 11:37 am
by Sadler
You have a Ramp = 0.1 multiplied by 3 which will constantly move your image. Set your Ramp = 0.0.