Magic with a new MacBook Pro?

Sat Nov 13, 2021 4:21 am


I just got one of the new MacBook Pros. Will Magic work with its M1 Max processor?

If yes, how do I transfer my Magic license to this new computer?

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Re: Magic with a new MacBook Pro?

Sat Nov 13, 2021 6:06 pm

Eric has verified that Magic runs on M1 silicon, with the proviso "if you are doing serious gigs then you should invest in something more powerful, maybe with a discrete graphics card."

However, Sadler's comments are very interesting, leading me to think that for some projects the M1's huge fast unified memory may be preferable to a discrete card's raw processing capacity.

I suggest you download the Magic demo onto your new M1 MBP and compare performance of your own projects between that and your current platform.
If you prefer the new MBP you could then transfer your license, but note "Deactivation is not intended for repeatedly transferring an activation back and forth between two computers. In this case, an additional activation must be purchased."

I'd be very grateful if you could also add results for your new MBP to the Magic benchmark table (and ideally also results for your current platform).
For the benchmarks please set Magic as follows
    Resolution 1920x1080
    Disable vertical sync
    Set throttling = 0 rather (than the default of 1)
    Close other apps
Link to benchmark project:

Discussion, and thread for posting results:

Results so far are NVIDIA only, so your results would be a fascinating addition:
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Re: Magic with a new MacBook Pro?

Thu Nov 18, 2021 4:32 am

Thank you for your help!

Downloaded the demo and was able to whip something up quickly that shows Magic still works on the M1 Max, and is running well.

I'll transfer the license and run that benchmark once its set up.
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