Triggering Instances

Sat Dec 05, 2020 6:53 pm

I'm looking for a clever way to use a MIDI input button to "power" a module, such as a media-video file, or even a scene module in such a way that further button presses would make multiple instances of the module being activated.

Basically: iterator defining translation X,Y,Z with trigger(random) to make video appear in different areas ->Midi Button pressed -> video starts playing -> button pressed 2 more times, a second and third instance of the video starts (in random locations) while the original plays out -> button is pressed again etc...

Perhaps I should request an "Instance" feature in the adjacent forum. Thoughts?
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Re: Triggering Instances

Sat Dec 05, 2020 8:44 pm

You could use the Iterator module, but in that case, the only issue would be that all the VideoFile modules would be at the same playback position. A separate VideoFile module would be needed for each video that plays at a different start time.

What I suggest instead is that you decide on the maximum number of videos you want playing at the same time (3? 5?) and create VideoFile modules for each. You can then trigger them to start at different times, and/or set their color to completely black or transparent so they can't be seen before they start playing. You can also deselect the Looping option so that they go back to black when they're done playing. Then you can restart them again later.
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