Looking for Midi examples

Thu Dec 17, 2020 1:33 am

Hi everyone,

It has been said before, but this is indeed some great <wow> software. For me, also something i hoped for, for years... if i only had discovered it earlier...
Being a synthesizer(s) lover, i see so many (live and video) opportunities with this program, but it does need experience.

I have Cubase running on one pc and simply connected by a midi-cable to a laptop that runs Magic. That works fine and again, there are so many possibilities!

I started off with the midiPiano and the midifileExample presets and they work fine, but starting from scratch makes it a whole lot more difficult, as i mostly start twitching the wrong parameters, i guess. Sure, i still get great stuff, but always end up far from what i had in mind.

So my question would be, if there's anybody here willing to share some Magic 'creations', which can give me a better understanding. Especially for incoming midi triggers that is. I do not intend to use your 'creations', but rather learn to make them (technically) my own. And I do have of course my own artwork in mind.

Thx in advance!
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