Custom windows touchscreen controllers

Wed Apr 22, 2020 12:47 am

Thought I would post links to some of the software I use for designing interfaces for midi control of Magic.
There seems to be many options for Android and iOS, here are a few options for Windows if you want to design a custom gui.

Surface editor/Free- Good basic program for designing custom touchscreen gui
Last updated in 2015 and requires java

Ctrlr/Free- In depth control panel creator, mainly used to develop *panels* to control hardware synths and ability to export as vst.
I have not used this in depth and am unsure if/how export as standalone vs. VST plugin.
Active community/development.

Chameleon/$4.99- This software originated from a company called Touch Innovations
it was software developed to power the Elite touchscreen controller which is pretty cool. At the time the software was known as Emulator Pro. The software is no longer available through their site but is being developed in a new partnership between TI and Pablo Martin of savethehuman5.

Have fun!
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