AWESOME software!!

Sat Mar 28, 2020 9:35 pm

I don't often use the word "awesome" for anything, being of firm conviction that it is way overused. However—

Magic Music Visual is one AWESOME program. Although I am a confirmed software junkie, it has been a long time since I was this excited and impressed with any new software! This is an incredibly well-designed and elegant program, and I can't wait to really dig in and begin to use it in earnest. As an information developer myself, I am especially impressed with the ease and availability you provide for your online help. Well done!!!

I think it is worth mentioning that I have been waiting for a program like this literally for years! As a composer, I have a whole series of compositions that I call "Kaleidoscopes", and I have wished for years that I (or someone) could create a visual component to go along with these compositions. Magic is going, at last, to provide me that capability—in spades! In fact, I am already thinking of ways I can create visuals for many of my other compositions.

Heck, who knows? Maybe I will even, one day soon, be able to create my own YouTube channel to feature my work. That is something I never even considered a possibility until now. I already have my own website (—hope I'm not violating any rule by mentioning that). But the music on my website is just that, and it lacks any visual aspect.

THANK YOU, Magic, and kudoes for an incredible and AWESOME program!!
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Re: AWESOME software!!

Sun Apr 05, 2020 1:42 am

agree agree agree wil check out your website friend
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