Favorite MIDI mappings

Sun Mar 22, 2020 3:32 am

Hey folks,

I've been using Magic for a couple of years without the MIDI mapping capability. During social distancing, I recently decided to upgrade to Performer because I had some projects that required MIDI mapping.

I'm very familiar with MIDI mapping from DAWs and other software. What I'm looking for are interesting or favorite mappings of Magic devices to get the most out of - say - a nanoKontrol2 MIDI controller (8 pots, 8 sliders, 24+ buttons). I've started to do basic RGB color swaps and some directional stuff, but I was curious if others had "go to" device mappings that they found especially cool and useful.
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Re: Favorite MIDI mappings

Mon Mar 23, 2020 5:40 am

I have an intense use of midi in MMV. In Nanokontrol, as in many controllers, you can edit and save templates (scenes). I made some presets in my controllers, wich are dedicated to MMV. I own Nano kontrol mK1 (with 9 sliders), Korg triton Taktile, Behringer Ucontrol61, Zoom Arq96. Roland TD6 (drum kit)

As I use these controllers for both MMV and DAW/sound devices, I had to plan wich controller to use, so I mad a list and I try to use always the same CCs numbers for same purpose, in order to avoid remmapping the whole MMV project if I use another controller. There are no rules for this, of course, but I started with some logic and the most commonn CCs:
CC10 (pan) for horizontal translation,
CC7 (vol) or CC11 (expression) for zooming or vertical translation
Modwheel for LFO module
Pitchbend for rotation

As we can use many controllers and 16 channels, I never encountered limitations till now.
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