Magic and compatible shader formats

Mon Nov 04, 2019 5:21 pm


Getting really interested in the shaders dimension of MMV, but the formats are all new to me.
I went looking for ISF shaders to download, so I have plenty of things to choose from and experiment with, and I came across various sites and links. One of which is shaderfrog.
I seen a lot of really nice looking effects, and would like to download them for use in MMV , but when I try to export from shaderfrog , they are exported in three.js , unity, and iOS.
Will any of these work in MMV ?
Also, will GLSL work in MMV ?

Any advice or rule of thumb on what formats will work in MMV would be of massive help as I begin this journey / rabbithole with all its new terminology.

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Re: Magic and compatible shader formats

Tue Nov 05, 2019 3:23 pm

I've never heard of shaderfrog before.

For ISF, start with I wouldn't worry about any other web sites until you feel like you fully understand things.

ISF is GLSL. It's just a particular way of doing GLSL.

Magic also has the GLSLShader module but it's probably easier to start with ISF.

Please see the User's Guide for more information about all the above.
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