Behavior anomaly in Magic 2.2 ?

Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:11 pm


This is my first post to the Magic Users Forum. I’m wondering if other Mac users have had this problem after the 2.2 upgrade.

I’ll preface my report by saying saying I’ve been a Magic user since ver. 1.65 and feel it Ione of the best applications for visualization of music through visual graphics of all types. Magic is, in a few words; simply wonderful !

That said, I noted what. I believe to be a behavior anomaly after installing Magic 2.2 from 2.1

My projects mainly consist of a series of scenes, each with a background.png, an ISF file or GLSL shader into a blend or mix module. Parameters like speed as well as some XYZ Parma’s are set to respond to volume, tone and best pitch.

After opening the projects I had been working with the past few weeks in Magic 2.2, here is the odd behavior I have either some how caused or is related to the recent upgrade.

When I go to full screen, auto advance; I can play the same arpeggiator notes from my synth (input is ‘mic’) things are fine, but the moment I change notes, Magic 2.2 invariably returns me to the first scene of the project. As far as I know, I never asked it to do this.

I had not had this issue with any prior version of Magic. (Which tends to make me believe it may be ‘operator error’), but when I dropped back to using the same projects on the same machine with the. same OS (Mojave) in Magic 2.0 things work as expected.

I am wondering if others have had this happen, or if I’m the ‘lucky duck’?

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Re: Behavior anomaly in Magic 2.2 ?

Wed Jun 26, 2019 7:50 pm

It sounds like you might have your Playlist configured to respond to the MIDI note you are playing?
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Re: Behavior anomaly in Magic 2.2 ?

Thu Jun 27, 2019 3:35 am

Thanks Eric,

what I discovered was although I only though power was being sent via the USB connection to my Novation Mini Nova (no 5-pin MIDI connection), but further testing reveals it must also be making MIDI information available, because Magic is smart enough to find it and use it unless the 'Ignore all MIDI and OSC messages' in the 'Windows' menu is enabled.

Novation had made a point of telling users the USB cable was for powering to connect with the Librarian and DAW. but its certainly making something available to Magic when I power the synth that way. Who knew?

At least I know know how to toggle it.

And thank you for making Magic. It is truly a well thought ought environment for multimedia and music visualization. We certainly all get our money's worth, and then some. Magic improves at a reasonable and measured pace. Thats always a sign to me that people are giving thought to what they do.
The Forum has been a useful resource for both learning and gleaning insights on potential uses for Magic projects.

Keep up the wonderful work, and I'll try to use MIDI input in a different way sometime .

Have as much fun as you can without me!

Larry 'Catfish' Kuhn
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