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Shaders with Buffers

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Shaders with Buffers

Post by blisslight »


I discovered this amazing software and I'm starting to play with it, particularly with the GLSL Shaders.
(I suspect I arrived a bit late since the latest release if from early 2021 but I hope this community is still active).

There are some great Shaders on shadertoy but some of them use buffers, like this one:

Is it possible to use it on Magic Music Visuals? How?

Do you have a tutorial we can follow?

I also would like to make it react to the music dynamics. To do it should I "wire" the mouse coordinates (the ones available on Magic GLSLShader module) and use them on the shader code somehow?

Many thanks.
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Re: Shaders with Buffers

Post by Sadler »


The forum is not very active these days - at least it has been more active in the past. Magic is solid so few issues and, as you say there hasn't been a release for a while. So it can get a bit quiet around here. There's lots of useful information in these forums though - use search. Also check out the tutorial section.

For buffers in GLSL code check out Terry's post from a while ago: ... 405#p11403

For GL shaders, yes, drive shader parameters through iMouse.xyzw but ISF is the way to go - Terry explains it better than I could in his post.
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